Saturday, 25 July 2009

Appointment of Bakary Drame on ESC

Announcement of the appointment of HE Ambassador Bakary Drame on the Executive Steering Committee

On Thursday 25th June 2009 Muhammad Umar Chairman of 2IMUC along with Mohammed Khan Co-Director of USA for 2IMUC and Mohammed Saddiq Director of Communications Ramadhan Foundation made a courtesy visit HE Ambassador Bakary Drame.

During the visit Muhammad Umar requested that his HE Ambassador Bakary Drame participate as a guest speaker at the 2IMUC and also to join the Executive Steering Committee as the Director of Africa for 2IMUC, HE Ambassador Bakary Drame accepted the invitation and post of Director of Africa for 2IMUC.

Muhammad Umar Chairman of 2IMUC comments, "We welcome HE Ambassador Bakary Drame on to our executive steering committee, his vast experience of Islam in Africa will enable the 2IMUC to reach out to the Muslims of Africa".


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